A Slip On Golden Stairs

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This frontier ghost story is a romantic slip in gold-rush time, inspired by an actual EVP recording made in the Slide Cemetery, Dyea, Alaska, in which a haunting male voice can be heard calling, “Abigail . . . Abigail.”

Historic Dyea is a true ghost town. There are portals to all ghost towns. They rarely open but when they do, you’d best slip through.

In 2017, Abby Gray hears a voice from inside the Slide Cemetery calling her name. Eli Cole nervously checks his pocket watch. Time is almost up. In 1898, 119 years earlier, Abigail Grace is on the same gold-rush path up the Golden Stairs when Elias Colt races against the clock to find her. The portal in gold-rush time is about to seal shut for all of time.

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