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Arctic Shadow - Watch Eyes Trilogy

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Arctic storms bring arctic shadows. America’s last frontier has become a battleground of spirits when this epic tale of heroism, endurance, and young love picks up again in the frozen North–where Call of the Wild meets Brother Bear.


The 1909 All Alaska Sweepstakes is over. After three days of racing over icy crags, around bottomless crevasses, and through deepening snow, the spent Siberian huskies lay still. None complain. None sleep. Their watch eyes stay open. Drums of the ancestors’ course through them and keep them silent when they want to howl to the Gatekeepers. One of their own is dead, their leader, Zellie. Something got her when she left the pack. The huskies instinctively know they are all prey.

The war of ghosts isn’t over. Young guardians, ANYA and RUNE, both know it. They look for any place to hide. Xander and the surviving dogs must live. The golem laughs at their upset. A fanatic born of inhuman evil, he’s been able to spirit some of Anya and Rune’s gods away, to his side. He rattles the iron bars of his cell, able to call on dark spirits to go after his enemies. Once free, he will crush all in Russia who dare stand in his way. No one can possess any means, any wealth. The Chukchi are kulaks, made so by their dogs. They will be the last to fall and so they must be liquidated first–the dogs, then the breeders, then the people–by any means conjured in this world or any other. The ice storm is coming.

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