ARCTIC STORMS ARE COMING!  2015 National Weather Service Report

“Much of America is about to get the Arctic shivers.”

Well, of course, I thought.  How nice to get such a “chilling” national review of my latest Five Star frontier fiction, set in the Arctic West.  Copies of Arctic Storm have been released online, in libraries, and in bookstores, in hardcover and on kindle.  Arctic Storm(s) bring Arctic Shadow(s); book #2 in Watch Eyes Trilogy, this coming June.  Arctic Will finishes this tale, due out in 2016. I plan on being at My Blog at the Corner of FIRST N FICTION, to report what happens with the advance of the inevitable.  This coming of age, young adult series focuses on the struggle for the Siberian husky and their young guardians to survive on America’s last frontier.  The characters and dogs in all three stories live in their own dystopian society, created by a history sometimes cruel, and often beyond escape.

Now to read more of this morning’s national review of Arctic Storm:

“… frigid polar air will plunge much of the central and eastern U.S. into sub-freezing temperatures next week … a classic pattern of massive blasts of Arctic air hitting just about everyone … rivaling last year’s January Arctic outbreak that introduced ‘polar vortex’ to America … intense cold along with the snow … this is all coming from cold air escaping from the Arctic …”

Oh dear … this is actually an actual weather report coming down from the Arctic, and not any kind of book review.  Darn, could be though; especially the part about, “escaping from the Arctic.”  The elements in weather are the same, if not in story.  Surviving arctic storms is just as important today, as yesterday.  How people cope.  How animals cope.  The choices made can mean life or death.  Storms can come swiftly, and without warning.  The enemy is not always visible.  History can teach us many things, but it makes no guarantees other than to ensure that more storms are coming.

Arctic Storm(s) bring Arctic Shadow(s) and the final test of Arctic Will.

I’ve an idea to go with the above weather report and “report” the history to be found in America’s Arctic West with the first importations of the Chukchi dog, the Siberian husky. It is important to know of the Chukchi people, the Viking influence, the fortitude of the Alaska pioneer, the treatment and mistreatment of sled dogs, the harsh conditions of life below frozen, and the obstacles to finding love against such a violent landscape.   No spoiler alert, here.  While I want to serialize selected historical accounts in future blog posts, I don’t wish to give away story.  In the sense that history might be a tease, I do plead guilty.

Sometimes things I don’t want to know … like when I look at a scary movie through a tiny opening between my fingers I have spread in front of my eyes … come at me anyway, and my hand drops to my lap in untold surprise.  That’s for next time.

Husky Hugs to you all,

Joanne Sundell



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