Hey, a girl will do just about anything for her Siberian huskies … even brag about their book as one of the Best Books from Barnes & Noble 🙂  Mind you, this author believes all the shelves at B&N are filled with the “Best Books.”

This time of the year is a wonderful time to roam any bookstore, but Barnes & Noble Booksellers, in particular.  Hanukkah and Christmas are in the air and on the pages of their wonderful selections!  Step inside Barnes & Noble and try not to smile.  Dare ya!

This past Thursday evening, I had the pleasure of signing ARCTIC STORM and chatting with folks in Denver.  There are only two kinds of “folks,” to my thinking:  the young and the young at heart.  As many of you know, it’s primo to have a signing spot by the front door, and that’s the spot given me.  The staff couldn’t have been nicer, and the public more gracious.  I particularly enjoyed chatting with young people and made sure to answer their questions about my book and Siberian huskies.  Kids can be a tough crowd with their discerning eye for something entertaining that might whet their reading appetite.  If you haven’t written Harry Potter, Twilight, Divergent, or the Hunger Games … you’d best come prepared with your “best book” for this youthful and delightful age group.  My youngest customer was 8, and the oldest, young at heart 🙂

“What is one thing I should know about Siberian huskies?” This came from the 8 year old.

“Will my 11 year old grandson enjoy this?” This came from a young at heart grandma.

“Hey, I’m going to Winter Park tomorrow and skiing.  I love this cover.  I’ll take one.”  This came from a boy, 15, full of energy and ready for the slopes.  From chat to sale … uh … probably 1 minute.  Young people … gotta love ’em!

Some children were involved in school projects about Alaska and Canada and wanted to talk about the far north.  We had FROZEN in common, and could practically sing all the words.   More than one “Elsa” stopped by my signing table 🙂  My favorite “Elsa” stopped for a chat but … wasn’t sure if she wanted the book.  I asked if she would like to tote ARCTIC STORM around a bit, and read a bit, then come back.  She did come back and she did want the book.  Those first lines and early paragraphs can make all the difference … whew.

ARCTIC STORM, Book #1, Watch Eyes Trilogy, is considered young adult crossover/frontier fiction. Add a little fantasy and a lot of history and you have a trilogy that is for the young and the young at heart.   After chatting with such interesting young people Thursday evening, I’m thrilled, indeed, that my books are young adult crossover.

Happy Holidays to the Young and the Young at Heart!

Joanne Sundell




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