As a new member of Western Writers of America, it means a great deal to me, to have this review in ROUNDUP MAGAZINE, of Arctic Storm, Book #1, Watch Eyes Trilogy!

“Arctic Storm is a work of historical fiction written for young adults, but it just might entertain readers of any age.  When a Siberian girl’s cherished sled dogs are traded away and sent to Alaska, 13-year-old Anya pursues them across the Bering Sea.  Anya, a shaman with powers to pass between the spirit world and the human world, can sense dangers lurking in the shadows.  But there’s humor here, too, as in the scene in which Anya experiences her first real bath at the hands of a missionary’s wife.  Sundell’s knowledge of the Siberian husky breed shines, and she gives them a prominent role in this well-written story.”                                                 – Lynn Bueling

Thank you, indeed, WWA, ROUNDUP MAGAZINE, and Lynn Bueling for your time and attention to my frontier fiction set in the Arctic West!


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