A funny thing happened on the way to my writing an historical account of the origins, then struggle for survival, of the Siberian husky . . . my frontier fiction based on real history turned into a “free fall into fantasy! No one was more surprised about this than me.

I’ve always been interested in frontier history which is why I chose to write historical romances set in the Old West. Okay, admittedly my first love was “love” of the romance novel. The moment I moved to the mountains in Colorado I “free fell in love” with the breathtaking landscape and all the history hidden within. Stepping into the Old West, no matter the time, no matter the place, was and still is, like falling in love all over again with the handsome stranger on horseback, silent, stoic … and sensual.

The “handsome stranger on horseback” had my absolute attention through the writing of six western romances/women’s fiction from Five Star Publishing. My heroines in history have included a Jewish doctor, a deaf girl in Colorado Springs, a would-be prostitute in Denver, a young woman fighting in the Civil War, and a young slave in Virginia. All of these heroines, right along with me, longed for the “handsome stranger on horseback,” at some point in their stories.

Before taking pen to paper, so to speak, with each of the above western romances, I did my research; sometimes taking 3 to 4 months to complete. I’m sure all of you have heard the saying about romance: You don’t need a lot of history in your stories but, what’s there, better be accurate!” Of course, you, indeed, need to provide a rich and accurate historical background for any story that claims to be “an historical.”

On this note, I looked away from the Old West to what I term, the Arctic West, and began research on women from the gold rush days in the far North; Alaska in particular. When I found out women actually made it over Chilkoot Pass and White Pass … well I was hooked on finding my next heroine. An argument could be made that the reason I now looked to the Arctic West, was because I’d raised and loved Siberian huskies for 40 years.

A bonus of living in the Colorado Rockies is being able to get out in the Wild with your huskies and enjoy the great outdoors, year-round. What is, of course, not so joyful is the moment you lose your life-long pets. When I lost my last husky, Xander, grief sent me to switch my research of heroines in the Arctic West to find out, then tell the story of the Siberian husky.

Wolf In SnowWhat I found out upset me so much, I had to get their story out … all of it!

What started as a stand alone, historical account ended up as a YA crossover trilogy with fantasy elements! This is where the history took me, right to the door of spirits and fantasy. I didn’t see it coming but, to be true to history, I had to ‘FREE FALL INTO FANTASY” to tell this story.

In future posts, I’d be happy to share in more detail. It’s true you know … truth IS stranger than fiction.

Mush love,


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