There are ghost towns in the West … and in the North. Little remains of Dyea, AK, save for a few pilings and one wall of an old attorney’s office, circa 1898. Where some might see a dead town, I see a possible pathway back in time. If one listens long and hard, the whispers come. The voices pick up. The Slide Cemetery stirs in welcome.

There are ghost towns and semi-ghost towns today in the Frontier West and in the area of the arctic North. Dyea and Skagway, AK, provided pathways for 100,000 stampeders to attempt to reach the gold fields of the Klondike. Gold fever struck hard, and much like an avalanche, engulfed all in its path.

So many tried
So many died
Dogs and horses sent to hell
Left where they fell
Love and loss a terrible cost
Buried under permafrost
Never again to stir
… unless …

The Grave in the Skagway Yard (Wanted Dead or Alive)

Best always,  Joanne Sundell


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