No matter the sled or the dog driver, I count those among you who have read Arctic Storm and Arctic Shadow, Books 1 and 2, Watch Eyes Trilogy, LOYAL MUSHERS, INDEED!


This has been an emotional journey as well as a dangerous one, from the Siberian wild to the Alaska wild of the early 20th century, frontier arctic.  With Book 3, Arctic Will, coming this April, our journey together ends when the ultimate test for survival is decided.  Who wins this dangerous war of ghosts?  Who even believes in ghosts?  Surely in an historical fiction there is no place for fantasy and ghosts?  Oh, but there is!  History has proved it so.  Ghosts hiding in shadow and waiting to strike are revealed in this arctic series; ghosts who wanted the Siberian husky dead and gone, and along with this intrepid breed, their breeders and the people of the Siberian far north.


When treacherous times force the purebred Siberian husky to 1908 Nome, Native Earth is ripped open at the breach caused by an evil so malevolent it reaches out to kill from the world of the living and the world of the dead. How is this possible?  It can happen when an evil-spirited golem appears.


Throughout this trilogy the evil-spirited golem is a representation of Joseph Stalin.


The “demonic spark instilled” in him at birth, knew no bounds. The horror he visited upon mankind when he held power in Russia is well documented. What is not well known, I believe, is the horror he visited upon the Chukchi of far northeast Siberia and their beloved dogs. The moment I came across the cold fact Joseph Stalin ordered the mass execution of all Chukchi dogs and their breeders in the wake of communist collectivization and industrialization, essentially erasing thousands of years of careful breeding and wiping out the Siberian husky in Russia for the next eighty years, I couldn’t find my PC fast enough to begin this story!


[1] Gendercide Watch.  July 3, 2013 <http://www.gendercide.org  “According to the historian Robert Conquest, Joseph Stalin ‘gives the impression of a large and crude claylike figure, a golem, into which a demonic spark has been instilled.’ “


And so the question bears repeating …

In Watch Eyes Trilogy’s ultimate test of survival, who has the Arctic Will to survive in the dangerous war of ghosts?


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