The above title is not my own, but that of Adelaide Rain Cravens, in an article posted in, in which she reviewed Arctic Storm. The entire article can be found here:  The issue is dated January 26, 2015.

I’m so excited to have this young adult review and for Adelaide’s perspective and her take-away of the important story elements.  It’s one thing for me, the author, to put forth story elements of my choosing, and another thing entirely, to have the reader’s take-away; most especially from a young adult!  Two lines in particular from her review, give her insights:

“If you enjoy spiritual, adventure, friendship, and/or loyalty stories, then check out ‘Arctic Storm’ by Joanne Sundell.”

“The whole book is a story of friendship and loyalty, and, most of all, trust.  All in all, I wasn’t disappointed with this trilogy starter, and I don’t think many people will be.”

On the inside flap of Arctic Storm, the first line reads:  “Call of the Wild meets Brother Bear in this epic tale of adventure, endurance, and young love–a heroic journey set against America’s last frontier.”  The underlying spiritual nature of the peoples of the far north provides the underpinning to character, plot, and an historical accounting.  My focus was on the telling of this Siberian husky tale, to include the young characters and their valiant dogs, set against the rugged backdrop of America’s last frontier.

You can’t know how thrilled I am that young adult reviewer, Adelaide, speaks of friendship, loyalty, and trust in her critique of Arctic Storm.  I don’t know that it gets any better than this!  Her connection to Anya and Rune, and her understanding of their challenges–as exampled here, is satisfying, indeed:  “While on it (Anya stows away on the ship the dogs are on), she meets a sixteen-year-old boy named Rune who is as unique as she is, though she doesn’t know it yet: Anya and Rune are the only two people on Earth who can help win the battle of spirits, one way or another.”  Anya and Rune are connected by the spiritual nature of their ancestors and Adelaide got it!

When speaking about the Siberian huskies and/or Anya and Rune, this story is about friendship, loyalty, and trust.  I want to thank Adelaide Rain Cravens for bringing these story elements to light.  I’ve learned a lot from her insights.

If I’m really lucky, perhaps Arctic Shadow and Arctic Will might garner a review from this wonderful young adult site!

Thank you also, to!


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