In my upcoming  NOW AVAILABLE August 2019 release, A Slip on Golden Stairs, there are two female protagonists in different centuries searching for a corner of happiness in the challenging worlds into which they were born. With this frontier fiction, I’ve ventured into three worlds, three realities in time: the past, the present, and the future. What prompted me, you might ask, to make such a haunting genre turn to the supernatural, when I write historical frontier fiction based on facts?

The facts prompted me. Once I tied them together, I had little choice. Here are the facts behind my inspiration for A Slip on Golden Stairs:

I love the history and romance of the Old West. I love ghost stories and ghost towns of the Old West. I love a good romance. I love gold-rush history. Research into ghosts and ghost towns led me to the Klondike Gold Rush. Research led me to 1898 Dyea, Alaska, and the Slide Cemetery. I came across an actual Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) made in the Slide Cemetery in which a static male voice can be heard calling, “Abigail, Abigail.”

I got goose bumps!

I had to find Abigail and the male voice calling out to her, no matter that the journey might take me across time. When I found Abigail behind a thin veil of ghostly curtains in frontier history, I listened to her story. She wasn’t alone.

Albert Einstein believed the past, present, and future can co-exist at the same time. Who am I to challenge his genius?

Thus, my own genre turn in time . . .



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