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The “Watch Eyes Trilogy” Series

Arctic Shadow


Arctic Shadow


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The Chuckchi people of northeast Siberia, over thousands of years, wisely bred and developed the Siberian husky we know today.

The 1909 All Alaska Sweepstakes is over. After three days of racing, the spent Siberian huskies lay still. Their watch eyes stay open. The ice storm is coming.

Call of the Wild meets Brother Bear in this epic tale of adventure, endurance, and young love—a heroic journey tested against America’s last frontier.

Other Publications

A...My Name's Amelia

My Name’s Amelia

Hearts Divided


Hearts Persuaded

Heart’s Persuaded

Deafened at a young age, her natural-born means of expression taken from her, Amelia Anne Polley must learn to communicate all over again.

Bedford County, Virginia – (circa 1852) A touching story about two little girls–one white, one colored; one free, one a slave – becoming  unlikely friends.

Pacificist Quakers Levi Clement and Comfort Clarke wed in a loveless marriage. He wed her out of deference to his heartbroken father…

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Meggie's Remains

Meggie’s Remains

The Parlor House Daughter

The Parlor House Daughter

A Jewish girl of nine, Zoe-Esther Zundelevich, secretly visits the village matchmaker before leaving Russia with her papa, Yitzhak, for refuge in Amerika.

Meggie’s Remains is a romantic suspense unlike any other.  Meggie struggles with far more than meeting the man of her dreams. (Audio Version Available)

Immediately attracted, Rebecca Rose and Morgan Larkspur are two people from opposite backgrounds who have no idea of the high price they’ll pay.