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Levi’s gut wrenches at what he’s just gone and done—taken Comfort for wife and not Willa. Willa Mae Tyler was out there somewhere now, masquerading as a Confederate soldier, fighting, facing death every day. That he couldn’t stop her from going is eating him up inside. A devout Quaker, Levi refuses to raise his fist against his fellow man. He’ll die first. That’s just it—he probably will and Willa, too.

Desperate for her secret and best friend Surry’s counsel, Willa prays for the safety of her unborn child, Levi Clement’s child. She prays she’s doing the right thing by staying in the fight, exacting revenge on the Yankees for killing her brothers. She hadn’t cared about dying until now, loving her unborn child as much as its father.

On the run north, escaped slave Surry Lion doesn’t think her life could turn more upside down, but when she meets her next guide along the Underground Railroad, Lucas minor, it surely does. He not only takes her breath, he’s free. She can’t imagine it.

In book two of this romantic Civil War series, the lives of Willa, Levi, Surry, and Lucas hang together by a single, green grosgrain ribbon, its enduring length catching them up when they fall, and holding tight when the winds of war do their worst.

“Compelling characters and descriptive historical detail draw readers into this soul-wrenching drama, leaving them looking forward to the next installment in the Quaker and the Confederate duet, with Hearts Persuaded coming in September.”

Library Journal

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