The Parlor House Daughter

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Bound by birth to the world of prostitution, Rebecca Rose is born in a pine shack, a crib, at the end of the line in Nevada City, Colorado Territory, in the mining town’s red light district. Bound by birth to uphold his family’s good name and sizable fortune, Morgan Larkspur is born in Denver City with a silver spoon in his mouth and iron spurs on his heels. Their lives intersect in 1880 Denver when Becca is seventeen and Morgan, twenty-five. Immediately attracted, they’ve no idea of the high price they’ll pay for this—the danger awaiting.

A child of four when “hell came calling,” Becca determines to grow up and seek her own justice for what her mother suffered. The law won’t help a whore. She’d do what she needed to stay alive, knowing she’d never live happily ever after as in fairy tales; yet, never ashamed of what she was. When Morgan steps inside room number eight at the Palace behind the beautiful, untried prostitute, looking for nothing more than a pleasant distraction, he unwittingly sets in motion a series of events neither could have imagined in their worst nightmare.

The Parlor House Daughter is a suspenseful, romantic page-turner, set against the backdrop of hustle and bustle, gold and silver-rich Denver, where fortunes change hands often and misfortune befalls many, where the society elite hold themselves apart from the lower classes, and where the fine line between truth and lies easily covers over.

When Becca and Morgan discover they have nothing to hold onto but the love they once shared, will it be enough? Will it be enough to withstand the impossible choice forced upon them? A choice no one should ever have to make.

“…this is historical romance of a satisfying order”
“… Sundell delivers a strong story”
“… genre fans will be delighted”

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